Get one mini-chapter of a free story every day with WhatsApp. It’s a great way to learn words in German or English, because you read them within the context of an entertaining short story. It’s fun and easy! Find out how to sign up and read a couple of sample stories.

Extra for German: each chapter has one featured word from our vocabulary trainer app vobot – so, if you have the app, you can also practice the word in the same sentence.

How can I sign up to get the stories?

If you want to receive our stories and learn a little bit of German or English every day, all you have to do is add “StoryCorner” as a contact on your phone with this number:

+49 1575 8840 285

Then send a WhatsApp message with the word “English” or “German”, depending on which language you are learning.

By sending us this message, you give us permission to send you stories and offers via WhatsApp broadcast. We won’t use your number for any other purpose and you can always drop out of the broadcast if you don’t want to receive the stories any more. Just send a message to the same number with the word “unsubscribe”.

Remember, it’s free – so what do you have to lose? Nichts!

What is StoryCorner?

Since StoryPlanet is all about learning languages in authentic and appealing contexts, we decided to create StoryCorner, for a little bit of learning diversion every day. The bold word in the German stories each day can be practiced in our vocabulary training app vobot, in exactly the same sentence. Just look up the word and browse the definitions and sample sentences until you find it. You can then practice the word in the same context you read it in and go through a series of exercises that get increasingly difficult – making sure you really learn that word.

Bild_StoryCorner_Vokabeln üben mit vobot

We’ll offer something similar for English soon! We’ll let you know via WhatsApp once we have something new to offer.

Where do the stories come from?

Most of the StoryCorner stories are written by L-Pub staff or our friends. Sometimes we use stories by well-known authors from the past too. We also invite school classes to write stories as a way to improve their writing skills. If you are a teacher and interested in using StoryCorner in your classroom, please contact us here at L-Pub and we will send you our classroom materials.

Want to read a sample story?

Browse our collection of past stories below.

Unser E-Book für Deutschlerner

Im April 2018 ist eine erste Auswahl der StoryCorner-Geschichten für Deutschlerner samt dazugehörigen Vokabelerklärungen in Englisch als Anthologie erschienen. Das E-Book „StoryCorner Collection Volume 1“ ist bei allen gängigen E-Book-Online-Händlern (z.B. bei Amazon oder iBooks) erhältlich und kostet 2,99 Euro.

„StoryCorner Collection Volume 1. Stories for German learners at levels A2-B1“ von L-Pub
ISBN: 9783000534348


Auf Deutsch: Wie funktioniert StoryCorner?

Du möchtest die Anleitung zur Anmeldung für StoryCorner lieber auf Deutsch lesen? Kein Problem. Eine Beschreibung auf Deutsch sowie mehr über unsere Idee des Sprachenlernens mit Geschichten findest du in unserem Blogbeitrag.