StoryCorner contains a selection of the stories published in our apps StoryPlanet Deutsch and StoryPlanet English. It gives people who don’t have the apps the opportunity to get the know the kinds of stories in them.

Please note that these stories are copyright protected. You are welcome to read, share, perform or print them, as long as you do not sell them or otherwise use them for commercial purposes. If you would like to use them for commercial purposes, please contact L-Pub, the publisher of these stories.

If you are a teacher and interested in using our stories in your classroom, please contact us and we will send you our classroom materials. Stories are a great way to get your students talking, listening, reading and writing!

Where do the stories come from?

Most of the stories here are written by L-Pub staff or our friends. Sometimes we adapt stories by well-known authors from the past too. Get to know our authors here.

What happened to the WhatsApp broadcast?

From 2017-2019 we published hundreds of mini-stories for German and English learners on WhatsApp. Due to changes in WhatsApp policy, we are no longer able to do that. The good news is: you can still get our weekly story broadcasts with our StoryPlanet app. Here are the download links:

Download StoryPlanet Deutsch for Apple
Download StoryPlanet Deutsch for Android

Download StoryPlanet English for Apple
Download StoryPlanet English for Android

The StoryCorner e-book

An anthology of our mini-stories for German learners was released as an e-book in April 2018. The stories include translations of key vocabulary into English. You can find the e-book “StoryCorner Collection Volume 1” on most e-book retailers (e.g. AMAZON or iBOOKS). It costs 2.99 euros (price may vary depending on your place of residence). The stories are targeted at A2-B1 (Intermediate) learners of German. ISBN: 9783000534348



Some sample stories

You can read a selection of our stories here. The German stories are from the app StoryPlanet Deutsch. The English stories are from the app StoryPlanet English.