How can I submit a story?

If you want to submit a mini-story to our StoryCorner, please use the story template we have created. The template includes step-by-step instructions on how to develop a story so it fits our format.

When you are done, send us your text by email. By doing so, you give us permission to broadcast your story to all subscribers of StoryCorner. We reserve the right to refuse any story which we do not deem suitable for distribution.

Guidelines in a nutshell

  1. Add 20 random B2 (Intermediate High) words to your vobot learning list
  2. Choose five of them with interesting sentences
  3. Write a short story in German with five paragraphs. Each paragraph should have one of the chosen sentences with the featured word highlighted in bold.
  4. Use simple language for beginning learners (the words from vobot should be the hardest words in the story)
  5. Send your story to us via email including our legal terms.

Legal terms

L-Pub cannot accept any story for publication, unless the following terms are accepted and submitted together with the story: 

“Upon submitting my story to L-Pub, I confirm that the story (besides the sample sentences from vobot) is my own creation and does not infringe on the copyrights of others. I furthermore give L-Pub unrestricted permission to make modifications to the text and then to broadcast my story to all subscribers of StoryCorner as well as to publish my story afterwards on the L-Pub website or blog. If I provide L-Pub with my name, I understand that I will be cited as the author of the story in the first chapter of the story and then, after publication, on the L-Pub website/blog. I understand that my story will not be sold by L-Pub. If L-Pub later considers selling stories, they would clarify these rights with me beforehand, accordingly. I understand that L-Pub reserves the right to refuse any story which it does not deem suitable for distribution.”