One story. Five days. One chapter per day with WhatsApp. Learn words within the context of entertaining mini-stories – for free! Each chapter has one featured word from our vocabulary trainer app vobot – so, if you have the app, you can also practice the word in the same sentence.

How can I sign up to get the stories?

If you want to receive our stories and learn a little bit of German every day, all you have to do is add “StoryCorner” as a WhatsApp contact with this number:

+49 1575 8840 285

Then send us a message with the word “subscribe”.

By sending us this message, you give us permission to send you stories via WhatsApp broadcast. We won’t use your number for any other purpose and you can always drop out of the broadcast if you don’t want to receive the stories any more. Just send a message to the same number with the word “unsubscribe”.

Remember, it’s free – so what do you have to lose? Nichts!

What is StoryCorner?

Since StoryPlanet is all about learning languages in authentic and appealing contexts, we decided to create StoryCorner, for a little bit of learning diversion every day. The bold word each day can be practiced in our vocabulary training app vobot, in exactly the same sentence. Just look up the word and browse the definitions and sample sentences until you find it. You can then practice the word in the same context you read it in and go through a series of exercises that get increasingly difficult – making sure you really learn that word.

We’ve written a few of these five-part mini-stories ourselves, but we welcome you to come up with your own!

If you want to share your story, read our submission guidelines for details on creating and submitting your story.

If you are a teacher, read our ideas for how to use StoryCorner as a classroom activity.

Want a sneak preview of a story?

Want to read a sample story? Browse our collection of past stories here below.