Learning German vocabulary in real sentences and phrases

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It’s best to learn German vocabulary in an authentic context. Our new app vobot helps you do that – and only with the words you really want to learn.

Author: David P. Steel

The best way to learn German is certainly to live in a German-speaking environment and to be fully immersed in the language. If you don’t, linking your learning as much as possible to real sentences and phrases helps bring the language to life. It also gives you a bigger picture, helping you fit together the pieces of your personal language learning puzzle.

This commitment to context is the guiding light behind everything we do at L-Pub, a startup I founded in 2015. Our main vision is to transform the digital reading of almost any text into an interactive learning environment. The first step along the way to manifesting that vision has been our vocabulary trainer app vobot. The first version is v.German.

Logo by Lutz Jahnke

v.German is an app for English-speaking learners of German. It’s different from other vocabulary trainers in that you never learn a word all by itself, but always in a meaningful context. It also:

  • gives you immediate feedback whether you were right or wrong
  • actually asks you to spell the whole word before it is considered learned
  • lets you choose exactly the words you want to learn
  • requires no login
  • works offline

As a seasoned language learner myself, I’m really proud of what we have achieved with v.German, because it does many of the things I wish other language learning apps would do. Most of all, at least for me, I really don’t like it when an app or a software dictates to me what I should learn. Every learner is at a different stage in their language learning journey and what is really great about technology is that it can let us personalize the learning process. At least it should!

I’m also really pleased that we were able to work with Hueber, Germany’s leading publisher for German as a foreign language. The dictionary behind v.German is theirs, as well as the over 100,000 sample sentences or phrases, so you are always learning those words in a real context.

Step-by-step tutorial of v.German

I made this tutorial to give you an idea about the main features vobot offers. It shows you how to look up German words in vobot and then takes you around the rest of the iOS app.

You can also learn more about the app at www.vobot.me.

Can you really learn German with an app?

Learning a language requires input from as many different sides as possible to complete the picture. You need to be in classes with other learners, reading books that interest you, speaking to locals at every opportunity and also honing your writing skills, for instance, by drafting e-mails that a friend or teacher then reviews for mistakes.

An app like vobot is a great way to complete this picture, because it lets you study on your own. It not only gives you translations of words you don’t understand, but also lets you practice them in a meaningful context. Try it out, I think you’ll agree! You can get v.German in the App Store.

vobot is the first product in a series of reading-based learning technology solutions in development at L-Pub. We call this reading-based approach StoryPlanet. You can learn more about it here: www.storyplanet.de

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L-Pub is a Professional Partner of the American Association for the Teaching of German.

Picture credits: Blair Connolly via unsplash.com

StoryPlanet is a language learning initiative of L-Pub, a learning technology company based in Offenbach, Germany. To stay up to date on German learning tools by StoryPlanet, sign up for our newsletter!

vobot is an L-Pub product for learning German vocabulary. It is a hybrid between a German-English dictionary and a vocabulary trainer, including thousands of authentic sample sentences, a variety of exercises and instant feedback on your answers. Learn more about vobot here: www.vobot.me



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